The Dark Knight Rises – Superman Vs. Bane

The Dark Knight Rises is the third instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, following up on the excellent The Dark Knight. As with the first film, The Dark Knight Rises takes place in the future, where Batman faces the threat of Bane, a billionaire playboy who intends to destroy the city with nuclear weapons. Although Batman is equipped with an arsenal of gadgets, his ability to defeat Bane remains in question.

The Dark Knight

In this movie, we discover that Bane’s plan involves using an army of robot-like soldiers called robots to take out Batman and his allies. But in order to save Gotham City, Batman will need the aid of another famous superhero: Superman. Superman is arguably one of the most popular comic book characters and is famous for his super-strengthstrength. Since Batman’s weakness is his fear of heights, this makes him a much more difficult opponent for Superman. In fact, one of the most iconic scenes in the movie involves Superman saving Batman from falling off of a rooftop.

When Superman saves Batman, the Caped Crusader becomes very shaken. He knows that the last time he saved the city from Bane’s destructive plans, he suffered serious injuries, but thanks to Superman’s intervention, he can go back to the scene and confront Bane again, in the hope that he can be defeated. It’s interesting to note that while Superman is capable of going toe-to-toe with the villain Bane, it’s actually Bane who seems to have more power, thanks to the numerous toys and collectibles inspired by the film’s production.

With the help of some of his henchmen, Bane is able to create a massive army of robots, and he also finds a cure for Superman’s Kryptonite poisoning. However, in order to use the cure, he must make Batman promise to kill the real Clark Kent and take over the Daily Planet. Unfortunately, this promise turns out to be too much for Batman and the Caped Crusader, leading to the ultimate battle.

There’s another key component in this movie that’s often overlooked, and that’s the relationship between Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and Bruce Wayne. As well as her relationship with Bruce Wayne is crucial, it seems that it’s the only thing that keeps her from becoming a totally devoted supporter of the Dark Knight. Perhaps this is because in The Dark Knight Rises, she realizes that although she may be useful to Batman, she isn’t so indispensable that he feels compelled to follow her every whim.

This revelation comes at a pivotal moment in the film when Bruce Wayne tells Alfred, “She’s just my helper.” And since Catwoman isn’t really that interested in Batman’s cause in any way, it makes sense that she isn’t as committed to defeating Bane as she initially seems. In fact, it may be that she wants Batman to find out more about his alter ego, the Joker, so that she can stop him, but her main objective is to undermine him, not replace him.

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