Understanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fictional media franchise based on a large series of superhero movies, each based on different characters, and produced by different studios, including Marvel Studios. Since the first movie in the franchise was released, there have been three main superhero franchises that have been running in parallel, each with their own movie versions of their characters.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The first Marvel Movie was the very successful “X-Men” movie released in 2000. This movie was also followed up by “The Incredible Hulk”, “Spider Man” and “Thor”. The original four “X-Men” movies are known as the “Avengers” films, with the fifth “X-Men” movie being produced and set to be released in 2010.

The next movie in this franchise was “Marvel’s The Avengers”, which was also released in 2012. This film was a direct sequel to the previous “X-Men” movie and followed up the success of the first film by creating a new cast of characters that are very different from the original characters, while at the same time retaining the basic concept of the Marvel comics. This film was highly successful, grossing more than three billion dollars worldwide, and setting the stage for the next film in the franchise, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

The third major film that has been released in the Marvel Cinematic universe is the third installment “The Avengers” released in 2012. This film brought the characters back to the big screen, bringing back most of the major players from previous installments, while at the same time introducing new additions and returning actors to the story.

There is a rumor circulating around the internet that the fourth Marvel movie will be called “Avengers 4” or “Avengers Assemble”. This rumor is unconfirmed at this time, but it would make sense since the last three movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has all been sequels to previous films. Fans of the comic books may want to wait to see how these movies are received by the mainstream, as there is still plenty of room for spin-off movies and spin-offs of these Marvel movies.

In closing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had many major successes since its creation and is one of the most popular franchises currently running today. Fans can enjoy the story, characters, and special effects that are brought to life by the great casting of the movies, along with the amazing use of computers and computer technology.

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